Frequently Asked Questions
How does ClownAds work?

ClownAds is a PTC website that pays you for visiting our advertisers websites. You can also rent referals and earn extra money from them. We have many addons including revshare addon which pays back 150% of your invested amount within 85 days.

Can I have more than one account?

No, ClownAds strictly doesn't allow multiple account. If found the member will be banned immediately without any refund. You cant use the same IP too.


I'm not getting credited for my referral's click. Why is that?

You need to click a minimum of 4 ads a day within 24 hours in order to receive referals earnings. View the upgrade account page for more information about this.

Can I change my username?

No, you cannot change your username. If there is a valid reason then send a support ticket and we will look at it.


How often can I click advertisements?

You can click advertisements and Limegrid every 24 hours.


How often do I need to log in to prevent account termination?

At least once every 30 days.


What kind of websites can't advertise?

1) A Fremebreaker.

2) Adult Content.

3) Content that promotes spamming.

Featured Text Ads
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    The Guru of PTC $0.01 minimum payout
  • HeroesBux
    HeroesBux: The Innovation in Paid-to-Click Service
  • Clikcoin PTC
    Earn money on visiting websites, referring others
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